Tax Services

Individual and Business

Tax Return Preparation

We offer individual and business tax preparation services. We believe in transparent pricing and therefore utilize standard pricing for most common situations. However, due to complexity of our tax code and variety of individual circumstances, different forms or more complex tax return might be required. In those cases, we bill per form prepared. In either instance, we will provide you an estimate of total price prior to engagement. Our Individual Federal tax return price starts at $295 per return.

Tax  Planning

Tax  preparation is the process of preparing and filing a tax return. Generally it's a one-time event that culminates with filing your return and finding out wether you owe the IRS money or will be receiving a refund.

Tax planning is a year-round process and is a separate service from tax preparation and its goal is to minimize tax liability by planning ahead - e.g. bunching of medical expenses, evaluating short-term vs long-term capital gains, increasing retirement plan contributions to minimize income, determining best timing of capital expenditures.


As Enrolled Agent (EA), we are able to represent taxpayers in front of all levels of the IRS, if such need arises. Only EA's, CPA's and tax attorneys are allowed to do so.

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